[R] randomForest help

Jennifer Dawn Watts jennifer.watts at myportal.montana.edu
Fri Aug 24 18:53:09 CEST 2007

Hello!  As a new R user, I'm sure this will be a silly question for the 
rest of you.   I've been able to successfully run a forest but yet to 
figure out proper command lines for the following: 
1. saving the forest.  The guide just says isavef=1.  I'm unsure how 
expand on this to create the command.
2. Running new data down the mode.  Again, the guide just states irunf
3. Print to file.     I need to be able to export this data to a cvs 
file, to then incorporate into an Arc shapefile.  The manual just says 

Again, I feel like these should be easy steps that I just can't relate 
to as a beginner.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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