[R] New version of "The R Guide" available on CRAN

Owen, Jason wowen at richmond.edu
Fri Aug 17 17:17:46 CEST 2007


A newly-revised version of my introductory manual "The R Guide"
is now available in the Contributed Documents section in CRAN.
Among other changes, the description of the function t.test() has 
been expanded as well as an introduction to methods for the 
creation of prediction and confidence intervals with regression.

The manual is still under 60 pages in length.  The current version
is 2.3.  For those who attended/presented useR!2007 at Iowa State,
thanks for making it a great conference.

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Mathematics and Computer Science Department
University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
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"This is R. There is no if. Only how."
Simon (Yoda) Blomberg

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