[R] time series with quality codes

Felix Andrews felix at nfrac.org
Thu Aug 16 10:20:08 CEST 2007


I am working with environmental time series (eg rainfall, stream flow)
that have attached quality codes for each data point. The quality
codes have just a few factor levels, like "good", "suspect", "poor",
"imputed". I use the quality codes in plots and summaries. They are
carried through when a time series is aggregated to a longer
time-step, according to rules like "worst", "median" or "mode".

I need to support time steps of anything from hours to years. I can
assume the data are regular time series -- they might be irregular
initially but could be 'regularized'. But I would want to plot
irregular time series along with regular ones.

So far I have been using a data frame with a POSIXct column, a numeric
column and a factor column. However I would like to use zoo instead,
because of its many utility functions and easy conversion to ts. Is
there any prospect of zoo handling such numeric + factor data? Other
suggestions on elegant ways to do it are also welcome.


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