[R] Loading JMP Files

Diana C. Dolan dianacdolan at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 20:43:56 CEST 2007

I know how to use SPSS and JMP, and have quite a few
JMP files I would like to use in R.  I converted them
to .xpt files, downloaded the 'foreign' library then
tried this command:


to which I get:

>Error in lookup.xport(file) : unable to open file

I have read FAQ lists and Google searched and cannot
figure out what I'm doing wrong that my files won't
open.  I tried saving to the C drive, but no luck
there.  I also have no luck getting R to read my SPSS
files with read.spss

My file names do have spaces and dashes, and I do have
variables/variable names longer than 8 characters.

Please help!  I am very new to R and do not understand
all the package reference manuals...I can not seem to
find a simple, basic guide to how to command R and use
basic functions without a bunch of jargon (eg 'usage'
and 'arguments').  It would help to at least be able
to load my files to practice on.

Any help would be appreciated!

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