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You should study "An Introduction to R" manual.
It is installed with R in PDF format and is accessible from the menu (Help
-> Manuals (in PDF)  -> )
There are several links in the R web site.
Go to http://www.r-project.org/ and see links under the word "Documentation"
in the left frame.
There are some contributed documents:

Array manipulations are described in the chapter 5 of the Introduction.
The plot window has its own menu allowing using of the Windows clipboard
(you didn't describe your system, but "Word for Windows" suggests you're on

Richard Price-4 wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have 4 sites and want to determine how different they are from each
> other. For this I have decided to use R though it seems a bit daunting to
> learn.
>   I have read data in from a CSV the structure is :
>    Species1 Species2 Species3
> Site1 4 4  7  
> Site2 3 1  0
> Site3 0 99  6
> Site4 75 3  33
> There are many more species than shown above this is just an example. Here
> are the questions.
>   How do I read one row of data so as to load site2 into a variable called
> site2?
> Once I plot a graph using ordiplot how do I extract it from R so that I
> can put it into a Word for Windows document?
>   Once I have the data in varables I hope to use designdist and Sørensen
> to discover diversity indices. I had a crack at this once but because I
> had sites as the columns it didn't work. Now that I think I have the data
> correct I can proceed.
>   x Input data (this will be the whole data set that I read into my
> variable 'allSites' from a CSV.)?
> The variables for Sørensen will contain terms J for shared quantity, A and
> B for totals, N for the number of rows (sites) and P for the number of
> columns (species) and 'Binary' as the term.
>   How do I get the shared number of species for each row?
>   Probably very beginner type questions but I want to get on an haven't
> yet found the answers in my trawl throgh the help. Is there a book that I
> can buy to learn R?
>   All the best,
> Richard Price
> MSc student University Birmingham.

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