[R] Mac OSX fonts in R plots

Fernando Diaz fernandodiaz0 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 16:32:26 CEST 2007

I had been looking for information about including OSX fonts in R
plots for a long time and never quite found the answer.  I spent an
hour or so gathering together the following solution which, as far as
I have tested, works.  I'm posting this for feedback and and
archiving.  I'd be interested in any caveats about the brittleness of
the technique.




1. Find font
	system font path: /Library/Fonts/
2. Extract ttf (if necessary) with fondu [http://fondu.sourceforge.net/]
	eg, fondu -force Optima.dfont
3. ttf2asm for each ttf file, stripping the Copyright and warning
3. copy files to
4. R code to use the font; eg,
	newfont= Type1Font("Optima",c("OptimaRegular.afm","OptimaBold.afm","OptimaItalic.afm","OptimaBoldItalic.afm"))
	pdf("newfont.pdf",version = "1.4",family=newfont)

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