[R] Creating netcdf from table

Thomas Szegvary t.szegvary at unibas.ch
Wed Aug 8 10:26:02 CEST 2007


I have a table with 3 columns, 2 for long/lat coordinates and 1 for values
(radon concentration). I have Tables for every week of the year 2006, always
same coordinates but other values, i.e. time series. Now I want to create a
NetCDF file for, which is much easier to handle than 52 tables. I tried the
following for the first dataset (i.e first week):


dim1 <- dim.def.ncdf( "EW","degrees", as.double(long))
dim2 <- dim.def.ncdf( "SN","degrees", as.double(lat))

varz <- var.def.ncdf("Radon","Bq/m2/h1", list(dim1,dim2), -1, 
          longname="Radon flux rate")

nc.rn <- create.ncdf("rn_weekly.nc",varz)

The problem now is that the last step (put.var.ncdf) doesn't work, because
it says I am trying to "error: you asked to write 111788329 values, but the
passed data array only has 10573 entries!". So I think the problem is I need
an array with two dimensions (coordinates...) for my values. But do I get
this from my tables??

Thanks for any help!

My problem now is that 


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