[R] array

Tiandao Li Tiandao.Li at usm.edu
Tue Aug 7 23:21:58 CEST 2007


I have 30 GenePix tab-delimited files generated from 10 microarray 
experiments, each has 3 replicates. I used scan() to read the files, and 
assigned each file to a unique name (such as A1, A2, A3 for experment A, 
and B1, B2, and B3 for experiment B) with 1000 rows and 56 columns.

Now I want to create a array (ArrayA) with these file names,

	[,1]	[,2]	...	[,10]
[1,]	A1	B1		C1
[2,]	A2	B2		C2
[3,]	A3	B3		C3

so I can use ArrayA[1,2][[6]] to refer the data in column6 of experimentB, 
replicate 1. Is there any packages available for array of array?


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