[R] Streamlining Prcomp Data

Wayne Aldo Gavioli wgavioli at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 2 21:38:27 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get R to only spit out a certain portion
of PRcomp data; namely, when I enter the following code, I get:

> Summary(prcomp(USArrests))

Importance of components:

                          PC1   PC2   PC3   PC4
Standard Deviation     83.732 14.212 6.489  2.483
Proportion of Variance  0.966 0.0278 0.0058 0.00085
Cumulative Proportion   0.966 0.9933 0.9991 1.00000

Does anyone know the command that allows you to spit out only the numbers in
this chart, and not any of the words or labels?  Specifically, I really only
want the Proportion of Variance line of data, and can take or leave the other
rows of data.  I know that you can add a dollar sign and an additional command
to the end of an operation that will limit the text that is spit out, but I
don't know what that command is (or if any such command exists).

Can anyone help me out - there didn't seem to be an answer on the Online R-Wiki



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