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PaulGaskell p.gaskell at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Aug 2 14:08:56 CEST 2007

Hi - I'm just starting out with R and have come up against a problem with
what should be a simple operation. I'm plotting a range of safety standards
for 7 different chemicals. I don't want the standard box and whisker plot -
I just a dot for each value. Whilst using "plot.default" I get the error
"invalid xlim value" - which is confusing since using the same script with
"plot" does not produce this error. However, I do notice that only alternate
xlim tick mark labels appear when using "plot". Therefore, a question in 2
parts - firstly what is incompatible about my xlim argument with
plot.default and secondly, how do I suppress the "check.overlap" for tick
mark labels in plot.default?

Annotated script below (data file also uploaded in case its useful) and
thanks in advance for any help:

#dataframe is column of numerical values of chemical safety guidelines "SQG"
plus a column identifying the chemicals to which each value pertains i.e.
#        SQG Chemical
#1   0.07918       Cd
#2  -0.15490       Cd
#3  -0.15490       Cd
#4   0.95904       Cd
#5....etc. etc.
#assign correct plotting order for each chemical level 
OrderedLevels<-factor(Chemical,levels=c("Cd", "Cu", "Zn", "Phen", "Ant",
"Flu", "Pyr", "Tot"))
#set axis label and tick mark label font sizes to be readable when pasted
into final document
#produce plot with plotting symbols of round black dots with cex multiplier
of 1.5
= "Chemical",ylab = expression(paste(" ",Log[10]," metal ("*m*g*~kg^{-1},")
or PAH ("*mu*g*~kg^{-1},") SQG"))) 

http://www.nabble.com/file/p11963282/TELrange.csv TELrange.csv 
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