[R] Moving data from one workspace to another

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Here is what I do in similar situations.  I am on WinXP but this should be
similar on other systems (I hope).

1.  I start R with the new .RData workspace (usually by double-clicking on
2.  I go to File < Change Dir menu item.
3.  I change the directory to where the old .RData is.
4.  I do attach(".RData")

The old .RData is no in position 2 of the search path.  You can see what is
there by doing ls(2).  Then you can copy anything, say a data frame named
dd, by just doing dd <- dd.



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   Suppose  I have a dataframe in one workspace (a .RData file) dedicated
   to one project.  I then create a new workspace (a new .RData file) for
   another  project  but  I want to move or copy the dataframe to the new
   workspace.   How can I do this efficiently?  Just do a dump and then a
   source?  Is there another way?
   Walt Paczkowski

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