[R] A problem with svIDE in Tinn-R?

Kenneth Cabrera krcabrer at une.net.co
Mon Apr 30 04:38:07 CEST 2007

Hi R users:

I want to know if any one of you had
the problem with Tinn-R, when you
call the library svIDE on the new R 2.5.0,
(because in the old R 2.4.1 works with out
any problem).

I got this message:

> library(svIDE)
Loading required package: tcltk
Loading Tcl/Tk interface ... done
Warning messages:
1: '\A' is an unrecognized escape in a character string
2: no se reconoce el valor 'save'

Is it a critical warning? What would work and what not?
What is it new in the new version that
is not in the old version that makes this message appears?

Thank you for your help.

Kenneth Roy Cabrera Torres
Cel 315 504 9339

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