[R] RWinEdt and Windows Vista

Dimitri Szerman dimitrijoe at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 17:51:13 CEST 2007


I have a new computer with Windows Vista and I am trying to use
RWinEdt, which I have always used. I am using R version 2.5.

The installation of the RWinEdt library is funny. First, it didn't
install at all. Then, I uninstalled/reinstalled both R and WinEdt,
downloaded the package again from the CRAN repositary, got some error
messages, but RWinEdt initialized. I closed R and WinEdt, launched R
again, type "library(RWinEdt)", and got several dialogue boxes
(again), asking if I wanted to creat shortcuts, etc. Then, RWinEdt
didn't work anymore.

I'm sorry for the messy email, but I've done so many
installations/uninstallations/re installations, that I am alos

I guess the ultimate questions is: are there any known issued between
R, RWinEdt and Windows Vista?

I appreciate any help.

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