[R] Box Ljung Statistics

Rogerio Porto rdporto1 at terra.com.br
Wed Apr 25 19:01:04 CEST 2007


> I met with below mentioned statistics in paper "Stock Index Volatility 
> Forecasting with High Frequency Data"
> by Eugenie Hol, Siem Jan Koopman 
> http://ideas.repec.org/p/dgr/uvatin/20020068.html
> I would like to ask that what is "Box-Ljung portmantacau statistic based 
> on N squared autocorrelation" ?
> Is it same as "Box-Ljung Statistics" of stats package ?

Yes, it seems the same. But note that the paper computes the
statistic for the raw data and also for the squared data.

> Further, please tell me how to compute it ?

If you mean R, use the Box.test() function. If you mean theory,
see any good book on time series like Brockwell and Davis'
Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting.

> I have a return series of an Index.
> Please help me in this i am not able to get the statistics what is given 
> in the paper for S & P 100:-)

I can't help you here since I don't have the 5-minute data used in
the paper.


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