[R] problem in tapply command

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Try the following syntax: tapply(slp_jeo2$slp,slp_jeo2$jeo,mean, na.rm =


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when I entered following command, I got NA values for some catagories.

 > tapply(slp_jeo2$slp,slp_jeo2$jeo,mean )
              999       Ca      Cka      DCy       Jh      JKi       Kk
14.06665       NA 14.60445       NA       NA       NA       NA       NA
     KTa     KTac       Ku      Kua      Kus       Ky      Kyk      ODe
      NA       NA       NA       NA       NA       NA       NA 17.87489
    PTRc       Qa       Tc    Tkisd
      NA       NA       NA 19.64067

how can I correct this problem ?


Ahmet Temiz

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