[R] How to add e.g. lines to a zoo plot?

Oliver Faulhaber oliverfaulhaber at gmx.de
Sun Apr 22 20:05:37 CEST 2007

Hi all,

a problem I encounter again and again: I plot a zoo object using "plot" 
and then want to add lines or points to this plot.

I usually circumvent this problem by adding artificial coloumns to the 
zoo object before plotting, but I am sure there's a better solution.

To be specific: Assume I did

   x     <- as.Date(c("2002-01-01","2003-01-01","2004-01-01"))
   y.zoo <- zoo(cbind(y1=c(1,2,3),y2=c(3,4,3)),order.by=x)

and want to add a straight line like


to the first panel. How can I achieve this? Performing the "lines" does 
indeed create a line, but puts it in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks in advance

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