[R] importing sas datasets

a.martino at crismaitalia.it a.martino at crismaitalia.it
Fri Apr 20 15:36:28 CEST 2007


I wanted to ask help about importing sas datasets.

1)I tried with some functions as read.ssd (foreign package),
but it doesn't import the file if the length of the
variables' names are longer than 8 bite (it has to conform
to the 6 version). 

2)I then tried with the sas.get function (Hmisc package) but
with the command:

 c<- sas.get(lib="c:\\ghan", mem="mkds0001", var=("   "),
sasprog="C:\\Programmi\\SAS\\SAS 9.1\\sas.exe")

R can't launch the sas.exe because there is a space in the
directory SAS 9.1.

Is it possible that R can't import sas datasets with
variables' names' length longer than 8 bites?

Could you help in any of the two cases?

thank you

Anna Emilia Martino

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