[R] plotting command trouble

Schmitt, Corinna Corinna.Schmitt at igb.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 19 15:49:02 CEST 2007

Thanks. I will try it. Perhaps it works.


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An: Schmitt, Corinna
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Schmitt, Corinna wrote:
> I know, but it is needed. Any other idea?
Hi Corinna,

When you display a scatterplot, each X value must have a corresponding Y 
value. Otherwise where do you put the point? I think you may mean that 
you need 61 X values upon which you can plot 61 Y values. If you just 
want a sequence from 0 to 0.896 with 61 values:


This will plot with 0:60 as X values, or you can just use:



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