[R] A structured output from for(i...)?

francogrex francogrex at mail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:49:23 CEST 2007

Hello I am using the "for (i...)" and a sink() into a file. But the output I
am having is not arranged in either a vector or any other good structure. I
would like to have the output in a file directly as a vector so that I do
not have to edit the [1] and [6] etc and that the values are comma
separated. Is there a way? Thanks.

Example data:

for(i in 1:26){sink("pw.predict.txt",append=TRUE)

The output is like that

[1] 3.355638e-11 4.172354e-10 2.716469e-09 1.232176e-08 4.371243e-08
 [6] 1.286392e-07 3.261277e-07 7.301315e-07 1.468560e-06 2.686579e-06
[11] 4.509928e-06 6.990915e-06 1.004944e-05 1.343056e-05 1.670355e-05
[16] 1.932102e-05 2.073859e-05 2.057033e-05 1.873071e-05 1.550436e-05
[21] 1.149907e-05 7.478074e-06 4.122808e-06 1.820828e-06 5.777628e-07
[26] 9.981781e-08
 [1] 2.256961e-10 2.806274e-09 1.827063e-08 8.287463e-08 2.940043e-07
 [6] 8.652112e-07 2.193495e-06 4.910773e-06 9.877352e-06 1.806960e-05
[11] 3.033321e-05 4.702002e-05 6.759127e-05 9.033228e-05 1.123460e-04
[16] 1.299508e-04 1.394852e-04 1.383535e-04 1.259804e-04 1.042804e-04
[21] 7.734131e-05 5.029659e-05 2.772949e-05 1.224666e-05 3.885961e-06
[26] 6.713622e-07...etc....

What I would like to have is that it is arranged into a structure (vector,
x=c(3.355638e-11, 4.172354e-10, 2.716469e-09, etc... )
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