[R] Recall a Fortran Function

enrico.foscolo2 enrico.foscolo2 at libero.it
Mon Apr 16 12:31:17 CEST 2007

Dear Partecipants to the list,
I am Enrico Foscolo, a student of the Faculty of Statistics, University of Bologna,
and I am interested under consideration of the search of zeros of one function.
I would want to write a code using the software R.
I have already read the book "Computing the Zeros of Analytic Functions" (P. Kravanja and M. Van Barel, 2000) that speaks about this problem, computing a Fortran 90 code.
Consequently, I would want to ask You if:
- already exists a R code,
- how can I recall a Fortran 90 function in R (Windows XP Operating System).
My aim is to write the code for complete my work about studying functions and
searching points of maximum and minimum (local and global).
Many thanks for any kind of help and for Your availability.

Enrico Foscolo

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