[R] installing new packages

Alberto Monteiro albmont at centroin.com.br
Fri Apr 13 21:43:39 CEST 2007

Bill Shipley wrote:
> I have just installed the newest version of R (2.4.1) for Windows 
> XP.  I can no longer install new packages.  When trying to connect 
> to a server (I have tried several) I get the following message:
Bacause of the braindead way Windows XP is installed in my
machine, the only thing that works is this:

(a) outside R, I visit the CRAN site or mirror (the brazilian mirror 
is faster for me; YKMV)

(b) I download the .zip package from the mirror and save it to
some known directory

(c) using RGui, I use the option to install the package from 
a local zip

The worse that can (and does) happen is that normally the package
I want requires other packages, this is easily solved with new 

Alberto Monteiro

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