[R] enable-R-shlib ?

Bernardo Rangel Tura tura at centroin.com.br
Wed Apr 11 11:50:02 CEST 2007

Hi R Masters!

Recently I migrated to Ubuntu Linux [I a former windows user].

Now I think compile a 64-bit R version for my computer [Turion AMD], but
I not sure if using the configure option --enable-R-shlib.

I note this option is usefull for some GUI like gnomeGui and JGR, but
this will go penalty performace so I ask:

1- I must using this option?

2- If I using this option, have an another option wich i gain performace
[like --enable-Blas]?

Thanks for all

Bernardo Rangel Tura, M.D, PhD
National Institute of Cardiolgy
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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