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Dear Chris,

I do not have the references here, but AFAIR:

if x and y are two time series, we say that "x does not Granger-cause y"
(x ngc y) if the models 

(1) y~y(-1)+y(-2)+...+x(-1)+x(-2)+...


(2) y~y(-1)+y(-2)+...

are "equivalent", i.e. if past values of x "do not help explaining" y.
The Granger test is thus the exclusion test for the lagged x in (1) (see

The Sims test, which is equivalent to the Granger test under certain
circumstances, substitutes (1) with 

(3) y~x(-1)+x(-2)+...+x(+1)+x(+2)+...

We could well consider including this in lmtest one day: I'll speak to
the maintainer. For now, as the current grangertest.default() method is
based on waldtest() and lag(), which last works symmetrically, a quick
hack is straightforward. I am including it for your convenience, but
without any guarantee (my quick hacks don't usually work properly in the
first place).
I suggest you check the results by building up the two test models "by
hand" and comparing them through waldtest{lmtest}.


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Does anyone know of a package that includes the Modified Sims test
[Gewerke, 1983, Sims, 1972]?

This test is used in econometrics and is a kind of alternative to the
Granger test [Granger, 1969], which is in the package lmtest.

Thanks in advance,


Gewerke, J., R. Meese, and W. Dent (1983), "Comparing Alternative Tests
of Causality in Temporal Systems: Analytic Results and Experimental
Evidence." Journal of Econometrics, 83, 161-194. 

Granger, C.W.J. (1969), "Investigating Causal Relations by Econometric
Methods and Cross-Spectral Methods," Econometrica, 34, 424-438.

Sims, C. (1972), "Money, Income and Causality," American Economic
Review, 62, 540-552.

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