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On 10-Apr-07 07:48:38, Constant Depièreux wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a data crunching program which causes me a problem.
> Some of the data are identified with an & sign followed by a integer.  
> No problem is experienced when analysing data below &500, but value  
> above are ignored.
> Is there some limitation in R on this topic?

I think we need some clarification -- un peu préciser le contexte!

What is the syntax of the way "&500" (or other) is used to
identify the data?

What code do you use to recognise "&500" (or other) as an identifier?

It might be possible that something in your code causes "&" to
be recognised as the R operator for logical conjunction which
(depending on your code) returns FALSE in some cases; but it is
difficult to see how "xxxx&500" can be TRUE, but "xxxx&501" FALSE!

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