[R] dbinom and Catherine Loader

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Hi Folks,
There has been past correspondence regarding Catherine Loader's
Bell Labs (oops, Lucent) paper

  "Fast and Accurate Computation of Binomial Probabilities"

which gives the algorithm on which R's dbinom() is based.

The original URL given in the R documentation "?dbinom" is:


but this link is dead. Likewise, Marc Schwarz (in reply to
Aries Arditi on Thu Dec 11 2003) gives


  "There is a link to the paper (as a Postscript file)
   at the bottom of that page, however the link appears
   to be dead."

I've just discovered that Catherine Loader seems to have cunningly
encoded herself as "c at herine.net". So now we can find a URL
for her dbinom:


which points to a PDF of the above paper at


(which, today at least, works). More generally, see


Best wishes to all,

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