[R] p value for coefficients in multinomial model

Xingwang Ye xwye at sibs.ac.cn
Thu Apr 5 15:00:58 CEST 2007

Dear all,
1)how can I easily get p value for the coefficients of factors in a multinomial model?
2)why the p values for "type III" test with Anova are not identical to that from SAS?
for example:  

 A,B and C are categorical variables,but the proportions of each level in each categorical variables are not balance. Y is a nominal variables(>=3 categories); 
To do multinomial logistic regression in SAS, I tried  
proc logistic data=a;  
    class A B C Y/param = ref ref = first;  
    model Y=A B C/link=logit;  

In R, I tried this:  
    b <- as.data.frame(lapply(a[,c("A","B","C","Y")], as.factor))
    mod.mul<- (Y~A+B+C,data=b)  

I can get the identical coefficients and std.errors in R as in SAS. how can I easily get the p value for each coeefficients? However,the "LR Chisq" for each variables are similar but not identical to that from SAS, why?      
BTW,please forward your kind answers to my email. Thank you.      

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