[R] read.spss (package foreign) and SPSS 15.0 files

RINNER Heinrich HEINRICH.RINNER at tirol.gv.at
Thu Apr 5 13:57:06 CEST 2007


does anyone have experience with reading SPSS Version 15.0 files into R (version 2.4.1, WinXP)?

I have long been sucessfully reading SPSS files with read.spss from the wonderful foreign package, but somehow after upgrading from SPSS14 to SPSS15 I seem to have problems.

Trying a simple example, where test.sav is a SPSS 15.0 data file consisting of x1=c(1,2,3) and x2=c("a","b","c"), I get this:
> read.spss(file = "C:\\temp\\test.sav")
Fehler in read.spss(file = "C:\\temp\\test.sav") : 
        error reading system-file header
Zusätzlich: Warning message:
C:\temp\test.sav: File-indicated character representation code (Unknown) is not ASCII 

version infos:
R version 2.4.1 (under WinXP)
foreign version 0.8-18

Has anyone experienced the same, and can give a solution here (possibly other than "downgrade to SPSS14.0" ;-))?


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