[R] RODBC ERROR on Rcmdr install

vittorio vdemart1 at tin.it
Sat Sep 30 19:40:28 CEST 2006

Alle 22:55, venerdì 29 settembre 2006, John Fox ha scritto:
> As I understand it, RODBC isn't useful on non-Windows systems, since the
> necessary ODBC drivers aren't available. (Someone will correct me, I'm
> sure, if I don't have that entirely straight.) The RODBC package is used in
> the Rcmdr to read Excel and some other files under Windows; in the latest
> version of the Rcmdr, you won't even see this menu item in non-Windows
> systems.

As a matter of fact RODBC can be profitably used under *nix OS together with 
unixODBC to connect to many DBs.
I've been using RODBC with unixODBC on linux, freebsd and win xp  to connect 
smoothly to postgresql, mysql  and oracle (somewhat tricky to me under *nix, 
you need ** to buy ** a driver) and I know that connections are possible to 
many other *nix DBs under *nix itself. 


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