[R] package usage statistics.

Vladimir Eremeev wl at eimb.ru
Tue Sep 26 11:32:42 CEST 2006

Dear useRs,

  Is it possible to get the R package usage statistics?
  That is, does R contain any tools to estimate which packages were
  used and how often?

  I am going to temporary change the workplace and packing the data
  and their processing scripts on my computer in order to continue my

  During my work on the current workplace I periodically have had installed
  new R packages, have investigated them and used them in my work or did
  not used them, depending on their functionality.

  Now I am thinking about writing an R script which will automatically
  download and install everything I need from the R repository.
  So, I need a list of packages I have used in R.
  The first solution in my head is to scan all disks for R
  scripts and .Rhistory files, extract calls for "library" from them
  and save names of loaded packages.

  I would appreciate other variants.

Best regards,
Vladimir                mailto:wl at eimb.ru

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