[R] cauculating dissimilarities in R

virgin virgin at seychelles.sc
Tue Sep 26 07:40:42 CEST 2006

Dear All,
I’ve got a statistical question on calculating
dissimilarities in R.
I want to calculate the different types of dissimilarities
on the ‘flower’ dataset found in the package
‘cluster’. Flower is a data frame with 18 observations
on 8 variables. Variable 1 and 2 are binary, variable 3 is
asymmetric binary, variable 4 is nominal, variable 5 and 6
are ordered and variable 7 and 8 are interval scaled.

Commands to load the dataset in R.

What are the different types of dissimilarities that can be
calculated on such a dataset?  
Do I need to group the types of variables first i.e. all
binary together then run the calculation?  Do I use
dissimilarity indices such as Jaccard or should it be
classification function such as ‘daisy’ which should be

Many thanks,

Elvina Payet (MSc)
University of La Reunion

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