[R] glmmPQL in 2.3.1

Justin Rhodes jrhodes at cyrus.psych.uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 25 15:46:09 CEST 2006

Dear R-help,

I recently tried implementing glmmPQL in 2.3.1, and I discovered a 
few differences as compared to 2.2.1.  I am fitting a regression with 
fixed and random effects with Gamma error structure.  First, 2.3.1 
gives different estimates than 2.2.1, and 2.3.1, takes more 
iterations to converge.  Second, when I try using the anova function 
it says,  "'anova' is not available for PQL fits",  why?  Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,


Justin S. Rhodes
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University of Illinois
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