[R] newie help needed

Anupam Tyagi AnupTyagi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 16:10:28 CEST 2006

Julie Harold <j.m.harold <at> uea.ac.uk> writes:

> 1.  is there a gui interface ?  How do we use it ?  R --gui just gets us
> to the command line.

Look at SciViews. Not a 100% menu driven GUI, but can be useful to new users.

> 3.  can we define default directories - eg for data files ?

I think you can, because sys-admin at my former university did so some years
ago. May be using a symbolic link---I am not sure though.

> 4.  we want to use this mainly in batch mode once we get our act
> together - are there any good examples of batch scripts we can use as
> crib sheets.

creating a new and simplified batch command for users may be helpful, rather
than allowing them to use the system "batch", "at" or related commands.

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