[R] Creating a new Access database with R

Uri Shimron UriShimron at optiver.com
Thu Sep 21 15:27:35 CEST 2006

First of all, since this is my first posting, I would like to thank
anybody who works/has worked on R, and made it such a beautiful open
source package!

My question is: how do I create a new Access database with R? I need a
channel before I can do anything, but if the mdb-file doesn't exist, I
can't connect to it with odbcConnectAccess.

I've looked at the RODBC.pdf on CRAN, searched the mailing-lists, and
looked at test.R file in the package. But probably I've overlooked

It is of course possible to keep a clean new mdb-file somewhere and then
copy it to the required directory with: 
shell("copy EmptyDB.mdb NewLocation.mdb")

But that isn't very elegant...

Thanks in advance,

Uri Shimron

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