[R] newie help needed

Julie Harold j.m.harold at uea.ac.uk
Thu Sep 21 14:56:06 CEST 2006


I am a system admin who has just set up R-2.3.1 in suse 9.1 (opteron)
for a previous windows user.  Please forgive any obvious stupid questions :)

We are struggling with a number of things.

1.  is there a gui interface ?  How do we use it ?  R --gui just gets us
to the command line.

2.  how do we do unix commands like cd ?

3.  can we define default directories - eg for data files ?

4.  we want to use this mainly in batch mode once we get our act
together - are there any good examples of batch scripts we can use as
crib sheets.

5.  I installed some packages earlier - but now I am obviously doing
something wrong
> install.packages(gnomeGui)
Error in install.packages(gnomeGui) : object "gnomeGui" not found



Escience Support Team,  ITCS
Unix Support ENV (please contact envcs.unix at uea.ac.uk)

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