[R] R data query

Al-Kharusi, L. lak15 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Sep 21 14:07:43 CEST 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am encountering one of those alien computer momements one finds every
so often in life. See the sequence below:

> fish3.fis <-read.csv("emperor2.csv", check.names = TRUE, strip.white =
> colnames(fish3.fis)
 [1] "Month"           "Year"            "FishingArea"
"SumOfTotalCatch" "CPUE"           
 [6] "rCPUE"           "PA"              "Latitude"        "Longitude"
[11] "SST"            
> hist(CPUE)
Error in hist(CPUE) : Object "CPUE" not found

So, the system knows CPUE exists, but will not do a hist or a gam model
using the term - but for some strange reason it will do a plot. I have
created a completely different data file and that same problem is
happening. The imported files are exactly the same as I was using quite
happily last month. 

As you will see from the above I've tried adding check.names and
strip.white in the reading in process to avoid the unseen effect of
blank spaces.

Any ideas what I might do next? Have you come across this issue at all? 


Lubna Al-Kharusi
PhD student (GIS)
Department of Geography
University of Leicester
University Road
mobile # 07886990332

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