[R] Different result from nls in R-2.2.1 and R-2.3.1

Frede Aakmann Tøgersen FredeA.Togersen at agrsci.dk
Thu Sep 21 09:02:03 CEST 2006

Short story: January 2006 I did some analysis in R-2.2.1 using nls. Repeating the exercise in R-2.3.1 yesterday produced somewhat different results. 

After some debugging I found that either nls is the problem or that mine understanding of environments or scoping rules is lacking something.

This is a short reproducing example.

x <- seq(0,5,len=20)

n <- 1
y <- 2*x^2 + n + rnorm(x)

xy <- data.frame(x=x,y=y)

myf <- function(x,a,b,n){
  res <- a*x^b + n
  ## a print for debugging purpose

## This works as I expect it to do in R-2.2.1 but doesn't work in R-2.3.1. 
## n is somehow sat to nrow(xy) inside nls()
## Note that x and y is defined in the dataframe xy, whereas n is found in the global environment.
fit <- nls(y ~ myf(x,a,b,n), data=xy, start=c(a=1,b=1), trace=TRUE)

## this works in both versions
## x,y,n found in the .GlobalEnv
fit <- nls(y ~ myf(x,a,b,n), start=c(a=1,b=1), trace=TRUE)

## this works in both versions.
## x, y, n found in dataframe xyn
xyn <- data.frame(xy,n=n)
fit <- nls(y ~ myf(x,a,b,n), data=xyn, start=c(a=1,b=1), trace=TRUE)

## this works in both versions
## Now using the variable .n instead of n
## .n is found in .GlobaEnv
.n <- 1
fit <- nls(y ~ myf(x,a,b,.n), data=xy, start=c(a=1,b=1), trace=TRUE)

In my real case and the example above, I do have three or more parameters of which fitting is done only on few of theme. Is this a problem? Or should I ask, why is this a problem in R-2.3.1 but not in R-2.2.1?

Is my problem related to this difference between lines of code from nls:

R-2.2.1:     mf <- as.list(eval(mf, parent.frame()))

R-2.3.1:     mf <- eval.parent(mf)
             n <- nrow(mf)
             mf <- as.list(mf)

where n is being defined in the scope of nls in the latest version?

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