[R] variance functions in glmmPQL or glm?

Gretchen ande1125 at msu.edu
Wed Sep 20 17:02:09 CEST 2006

Hello R users-
I am new to R, and tried searching the archives and literature for an answer
to this - please be patient if I missed something obvious.

I am fitting a logistic regression model, and would like to include variance
functions (specifically the varIdent function).  I cannot figure out how to
do this either in glmmPQL (or something similar) for the model with random
effects, or in glm for the model without random effects.  Is it possible to
fit a varIdent function in a generalized linear model?  If so, what are the
appropriate packages/functions to use?

Any help would be appreciated. 
Thank you,
Gretchen Anderson


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