[R] looking for some functions to analyze a data set.

Taka Matzmoto sell_mirage_ne at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 19 18:46:57 CEST 2006

Hi R-users
I have a data set. There are 10 products and the numbers of people who 
ranked the products.

The format of the data set is

productID   rank1 rank2 rank3 rank4 rank5 rank6 rank7 rank8 rank9 rank10
1                 10
2                  3
3                  6
4                  2
5                24
6                  8
7                  3
8                  8
9                  4
10                5

Each cell has the number of people who ranked the product. For example, 4 
people who ranked 9th product best.

I would like to know how to summarze this data using some R functions. My 
goal is to figure out what is the best product based on the ranking 

Easy one is to look at only rank1 column, then I do not utilize all 
information the data have.
I can also do this. For each product, the number of people * rank scores and 
then pick lowest number for the best product.

Is there any other way I can summarize this data?

Any suggestion for R fundtions or statistical methos will be appreciated.


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