[R] Updating lmer - object is not subsettable?

Jarrett Byrnes jebyrnes at ucdavis.edu
Wed Sep 13 02:26:45 CEST 2006

I'm attempting to write a general function to implement Faraway's  
bootstrapping algorithm for mixed models with lmer, but have run into  
a curious problem.  I'm comparing two models

model.1<-lmer(Response ~ Treatment + (1|Trial), data=exp.data,  
model.2<-lmer(Response ~ 1 + (1|Trial), data=exp.data, method="ML")

When I attempt to update model.2 with simulated data, however, I get  
the following error:

sim.model.2<-update(model.2, sim.data~.)

Error in x[[3]] : object is not subsettable

Now, the following
sim.model.1<-update(model.1, sim.data~.)

appears to work just fine.  Does anyone know why update won't work,  
and is there something I can do about this?


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