[R] Export data

Marie-Noëlle Rolland mrolland at grignon.inra.fr
Mon Sep 11 11:27:39 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I would like to write a data output. In first time, a data frame (called 
"res") is written in a file *csv such as:

A    B    C    # names of data
1.5  4.5  7    # values

So I use "write.table" which prints "res" to a file "file.csv"
= "\n")

After, I would like to append other data to the same file,

A    B    C
1.5  4.5  7
3    6    9   # appended data

I use then the same function but with different arguments:
= "\n")

Actually, it doesn't work, the file is overwritten by the new one.

I got something like that:
A    B    C
3    6    9

Coul you help me? Thank you in advance

Kind regards,

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