[R] colorRamp

Rick Bischoff rdbisch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 06:27:03 CEST 2006


I am using colorRamp in the following way.  I am *sure* there is a  
better way to do this, so if you'd be so kind to show me the true R way:

Step 0: Create a new variable, say, "x", that maps some other  
continuous variable I have onto the [0,1] line.
Step 1:  Store the result from colorRamp (a function), into, say, "test"

 > test <- colorRamp(mypalette)

Step 2:  In my data frame, "data"

 > data$colorTemp <- test(data$x)

Step 3: Write a new function

bob <- function(temp) { rgb(temp[1],temp[2],temp[3],maxColorValue=255) }

Step 4:

 > for (i in 1:dim(data)[1]) data[i,"color"] <- bob(data[i,  

Step 5:

map("states", region=data$region, fill=T, col=data$color)

Thanks in advance!

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