[R] 1D & 2D response plots from RSM models

Michael Hopkins michael.hopkins at hopkins-research.com
Wed Nov 29 13:05:19 CET 2006

Hello R experts

I am looking for:

- advice
- sample commands
- pointers in MASS 4E
- packages 

That help to produce 1D and 2D response plots from quadratic RSM linear
regression models that have been produced in R.

Let me explain a little what I mean.  For 1D plots I mean the variable range
(either scaled or actual) on the X axis and the Y axis showing the model
prediction (preferably with confidence intervals) for that variable with the
other 4 variables held fixed at a certain value (the models have 5
variables).  As a starting point this could be their centre value but it
would also be useful to be able to specify them as any value within the
design range.

The 2D plots would be similar but:

- image, surface or contour instead of line plot
- confidence interval less important (unless there's a clear way of showing)
- only 3 external variables to specify

I have searched the R help archive without much success. I am a relative
newcomer to R so although some of the information in MASS certainly looks
relevant I am finding it hard to put something useful and robust together.
I'm sure there are people out there in R-land who can help me up the
learning curve a little - or maybe have already done what I am trying to do

Thanks in advance



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