[R] sample size for linear regression

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When you're only interested in the sample size to have enough power for
your z coefficient, you could use power.t.test() to calculate the sample
size. If every x is measured at z0 and z1, the power of a paired t-test
will be the same as the power for the z coefficient in the linear
regression. When measuring at more than two points along z (again each x
measured at each z), using power.t.test() will underestimate the power.
This underestimation will be rather small, when the number of different
points along z is small.

The big advantage of power.t.test() is that it's fast to calculate and
gives a conservative estimate of the required sample size. In the worst
case your sample size will be larger than needed.

I'm afraid you'll need simulations if you want a more accurate
estimation of the sample size.




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Onderwerp: [R] sample size for linear regression

Is there an R function that can be used to calculate a sample size for a
linear regression:
Given a linear regression:
i.e. fit1<-lm(y~x+z)
is there a function which can be passed coef(z), SE(z), and other
parameters to determine a sample size based on z, SEz and other
information from the regression?

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