[R] About using the boot function

Joaquim Marques de Sá jmsa at fe.up.pt
Fri Nov 10 10:36:43 CET 2006

Dear All,

I tried to use the boot function, provided in the boot package, in such a
simple task as to create a bootstrap distribution of the mean of a vector x.
I wrote:

b <- boot(x, mean, R=200)

Well, it doesn't work. I suspect it has something to do with what is called
"second argument" of the "statistic" in the help page of boot. What is the
second argument of mean? I don't understand. The whole description in the
documentation about this "second argument" is somewaht cryptic and

Will someone please help me?


J. Marques de Sá

jmsa at fe.up.pt

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