[R] Complex plotting problem

Wee-Jin Goh wjgoh at brookes.ac.uk
Thu Nov 2 09:55:17 CET 2006


I would like to make a plot (preferably lines, but points will do  
too), where the line segment changes color depending on the value of  
the y-axis. For example, let's suppose the y-axis range is from -1 to  
1. Points close to -1 would be colored blue, while points close to 1  
will be colored red. Points in between will be varying degrees of  
blue/red depending on how close they are to -1 or +1.

If the above is not possible, would it be possible to set a decision  
boundary on the plot, where any point above this boundary will be a  
particular color, and any point below will be a different color?

Any suggestions as to how I might accomplish this would be much  


p.s. The data set I'm talking about has about 20,000 points.

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