[R] poly() question

Jonathan Greenberg jgreenberg at arc.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 2 03:39:19 CET 2006

Besides the primary citation, "Kennedy, W. J. Jr and Gentle, J. E. (1980)
Statistical Computing Marcel Dekker." (which is $300 and my library doesn't
have it), is there any other documentation on how to take a poly() object
and predict "by hand" new data?  E.g. What do those coefficients actually
mean ("The orthogonal polynomial is summarized by the coefficients, which
can be used to evaluate it via the three-term recursion...")?  We created a
GLM model with a poly() term and I'm trying to apply this model in another
program (grass gis via mapcalc) without requiring the direct link with R if
at all possible.  We'd like to avoid making a lookup table if at all
possible.  Thanks!


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