[R] Function dependency function

Erik Iverson iverson at biostat.wisc.edu
Fri Mar 31 18:20:56 CEST 2006

I had a similar need and found package mvbutils, function foodweb().

 From the help file:

  'foodweb' is applied to a group of functions (e.g. all those in a
      workspace); it produces a graphical display showing the hierarchy
      of which functions call which other ones. This is handy, for
      instance, when you have a great morass of functions in a
      workspace, and want to figure out which ones are meant to be
      called directly. 'callers.of(funs)' and 'callees.of(funs)' show
      which functions directly call, or are called directly by, 'funs'.

Hope that helps,
Erik Iverson

Matthew Dowle wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a function taking a function as an argument, which returns all the
> functions it calls, and all the the functions those functions call, and so
> on?    I could use Rprof, but that would involve executing the function,
> which may miss some branches of code.   I'd really like a function which
> looks at the source code to work out all the functions that could possibly
> be called.   When I develop a function and release to production environment
> (or to some library) then I may need to release other functions I've
> developed which that function calls.  As soon as the function call stack
> goes outside .GlobalEnv (for example into base) then the search can stop as
> I'm only interested in functions in .GlobalEnv  (my own functions).  Also
> useful would be the reverse function  i.e.  find all functions which could
> possibly call the function.  This could be used to find functions which are
> never called and could be considered for deletion.
> Thanks,
> Matthew
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