[R] R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)

Leon sdl.web at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 00:54:21 CEST 2006

Berton Gunter <gunter.berton at gene.com> writes:

> Newbies (and others!) may find useful the R Reference Card made available by
> Tom Short and Rpad at http://www.rpad.org/Rpad/Rpad-refcard.pdf  or through
> the "Contributed" link on CRAN (where some other reference cards are also
> linked). It categorizes and organizes a bunch of R's basic, most used
> functions so that they can be easily found. For example, paste() is under
> the "Strings" heading and expand.grid() is under "Data Creation." For
> newbies struggling to find the right R function as well as veterans who
> can't quite remember the function name, it's very handy.
> -- Bert Gunter
> Genentech Non-Clinical Statistics
> South San Francisco, CA
> "The business of the statistician is to catalyze the scientific learning
> process."  - George E. P. Box
Thank you, Bert. Very helpful.


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