[R] Laptop freezes when trying to load R packages?

Scott Miller millersw at musc.edu
Thu Mar 30 22:12:16 CEST 2006

I am having an R related problem and can't seem to fix it by looking at any of
the online documentation.

I have a laptop (using Windows XP home edition) and loaded R 2.2.1.  I then
designated a mirror (USA-NC).  But when I try to load a package, it freezes.  I
have tried to close R, but it won't close; I end up having to restart the
laptop.  I have no problems with any other programs, nor any other aspect of R,
just loading packages.

This has happened at least 6 times now.  I have not had this problem on my home
PC, also running Windows XP.  The laptop was accessing the Internet wirelessly,
so to rule that out I removed R, then plugged in a network wire and re-loaded
it, but it still freezes.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am not sure how well I will be able to use R
without accessing any of the online packages.
Scott Miller

Scott Miller, MS
millersw at musc.edu
Graduate Student, PhD track
Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC 29425 USA

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