[R] Random effects ANOVA?

Chris Bergstresser chris at subtlety.com
Thu Mar 30 01:18:34 CEST 2006

Hi all --

    So I have a very simple dataset, which consists of 60 subjects,
who watched one of three videos, drank one of two drinks, and
completed a task.  The response variable is the time to complete the
task.  The ANOVA command is simple enough:  anova(aov(time ~ drink *
video, data = df));

   However, the videos were randomly selected; I need to use the
random effects model for them.  So I tried anova(aov(time ~ drink +
Error(video), data = df));  This gives me a "no applicable method for
'anova'" error.

   The command aov works, but doesn't give me anything I can interpret
effectively.  Is there a simpler command I should be using?  Am I
doing something wrong?

-- Chris

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